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Worlds collide in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5

After weeks of mysterious events with in-game rocket launches and vanishings crossing over into our world, Epic’s free-to-play Fortnite Battle Royale today kicked off Season 5 with a big world-changing update. Viking longboats, ancient statues, and a chuffing great desert biome have appeared on the once-verdant island, for starters. And how better to see the new sights than in the new kart vehicle, which can drift, function as a trampoline, and even jump if people in the back seats rock it? The update is now live, though you may need queue first to launch the game then to join a match. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite’s first major esports season starts this weekend


Fortnite may have taken over the world and forced the BBC to dedicate a comical number of hours to silly dances and pondering if they’re corrupting our youth, but until now it hadn’t entirely dominated esports. That’s liable to change soon, as Epic are putting $8,000,000 in the pot for their upcoming Summer Skirmish series of competitive events; eight weeks of big money matches, with the first set to run this weekend.

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Fortnite burger mascot survives interdimensional journey

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 3.03.42 PM

Uh. Okay. Where to start here? So, last weekend, you might remember that within the world of Fortnite (a video game) a one-time event occurred when a rocket was launched from a secret underground bunker and tore a hole in the sky (of a video game). What does that giant rip in the fabric of space-time mean for the game? No one knows. What we do know is that, around the same time, an in-game burger mascot disappeared and just turned up in the middle of the desert (not in a video game). So. Uh. What does this mean? I guess Durr Burger is opening franchises.

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Fortnite’s Playground mode is a “first step” towards “full creative mode”

The ‘Playground’ sandbox mode that’s currently seeing players cover Fortnite Battle Royale in everything from Mario Kart-esque trolley-racing tracks to elaborate pranks is only temporary, but Epic are already planning to bring it back and dreaming bigger. They’re talking about having a “full creative mode” eventually, taking it weirdly full circle to the days when Fortnite was more of a Minecraftbut than a battle royale megastar. This is a long-term plan, mind, but in the more immediate future Epic plan to add support for teams in a future Playground. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite landmarks vanishing as cracks in the sky grow

A horrifying tomatoman mascot has gone missing as Fortnite Battle Royale continues to reel in the aftermath of Saturday’s rocket launch. The rocket, which launched in a one-off live in-game event, left a big crack in the sky is still growing. And bit by bit, day by day, parts of the world are vanishing. Rifts have opened around signs, landmarks, and the horrorfruitman atop a pizza parlour then, one day later, the objects faded away as players watched. This is all leading up to the launch of the free-to-player centimurderer’s fifth season next week but, for now, developers Epic Games are removing things rather than adding. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite Battle Royale’s sandbox Playground mode is live

After a busy week which included a live rocket launch which cracked the sky and game servers falling over, Fortnite Battle Royale found its feet again today. There’s still a honking great crack in the sky which continues to splinter outwards day by day, sure, but Epic have fixed problems with the building sandbox ‘Playground’ mode and relaunched it. The customary weekly patch is live now too. While v4.5 really only adds a Tommy Gun as a new weapon, mate, did you miss that Epic just did a one-off live event portending future mysteries? They’ve been busy. Read the rest of this entry »

Streaming service Rainway exposes the scale of the Fortnite virus problem


Battle royale shooter Fortnite is a phenomenon now, but with many millions of players comes big problems, especially when the audience skews a little younger than average and the game is free to play. Last Tuesday, engineers at game-streaming service Rainway noticed tens of thousands of automatically logged errors flooding in, all of them coming from Fortnite players.It was time for their tech team to do a little internet sleuthing, which they kindly documented here in this developer blog post.

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Fortnite cracks the sky with gigantic rocket; probably not good

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.33.06 PM

Fortnite: Battle Royale is no stranger to royal displays of extravagance. Heck, that good spacedaddy Thanos ran amok in there for a while. But today, we’ve witnessed a Once In A Game experience: they shot a rocket into the sky and it made the sky not work anymore. We’re not sure what it means, but there’s plenty of video of what went down, and certainly this is all leading into the fifth season with some kind of world changing… thing. Look, I don’t know either, man.

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The clock is ticking on Fortnite’s big event this Saturday


You might want to duck and cover if you’re playing Fortnite: Battle Royale tomorrow, Saturday at 1:30pm EST (6:30pm BST for us UK folks). Epic have been teasing some manner of big in-game event to tie up its current superhero-themed season and it probably involves big, very dangerous looking rockets.

A countdown displayed on TV screens throughout the battle royale shooter’s world suggests that it’s going down tomorrow afternoon. According to a pop-up warning in the game itself, this will be a one-time live event, so be there or be square (and watching it on YouTube afterwards). Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast: The naughty games we weren’t allowed to play


Psst. I know mum said you weren’t allowed to listen to those hellions on your favourite podcast anymore, but the hosts of the Electronic Wireless Show won’t tell if you don’t. This week we’re talking about the games we weren’t allowed to play as youngsters, but did anyway. Alice suffered strict rationing of The Sims 2, and Dave (oh hello Dave) was looked at with concern while playing Silent Hill. Brendan’s parents didn’t seem to care. Let’s all go to Brendan’s house. He’s got GTA 2. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite Battle Royale adds sandbox mode, dual pistols

Because time is a brick bouncing around inside a washing machine until it shakes the universe to pieces, Fortnite Battle Royale has launched a sandbox mode which lets players get away from intense 100-player murder to focus more on building and larking about with their pals. Who knows, perhaps Epic might next add a cooperative PvE mode to Fortnite. For now, the ‘Playground’ event mode has arrived as part of an update which also added dual pistols as a Woo-tastic new weapon (flock of doves not included). Patch day has brought some nasty problems too, mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale end mega-daft legal battle

The makers of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have dropped their lawsuit against Fortnite Battle Royale makers Epic Games, ending a battle whose premise was even dafter than their own ‘stag & hen weekend banter gets out of hand, escalates to murder’. PUBG Corp and parent company Bluehole had long griped about how similar Fortnite was to Plunkbat then in May escalated their discontent to court, claiming Epic infringed their copyright. We don’t yet know quite why they’ve dropped the suit, nor who has ‘won’ here, but hopefully this is the end of the foolishness. Read the rest of this entry »

Epic sue over ‘irreparable injury’ caused by Fortnite leaks

This could hurt

Perhaps inspired by their recent meteor-dropping event in Fortnite, Epic Games are aiming a megaton weight at one of their former QA contractors. They claim that former QA guy Thomas Hannah leaked the true target of May’s map-changing meteor back in late April, giving hints to someone who then posted about it on Reddit in a now-deleted post. Epic Games claim that they’ve suffered “actual losses” and “irreparable injury” as a result, and filed to sue him for full damages on May 7th.

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Fortnite Battle Royale has murderous World Cup fever

It’s goal time! The World Cup kicked off in Russia today, bringing together this blue marble’s 31 finest national football teams, and England, for a kickabout. Video games want in on this too, including Fortnite Battle Royale, though I’m not sure players quite get the sporting spirit. Epic’s free-to-play shooter (guns, not goals) has added a number of football pitches complete with kickable balls, and right now these are flooded with players trying to score goals (which does special celebratory effects!) to complete one of this week’s challenges. Do people enter into the World Cup spirit, lining up to pick sides for a friendly game? Do they bollocks. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite Battle Royale adds rideable shopping trolleys

You can now recreate your favourite childhood accidents in Fortnite Battle Royale, as today’s update has added rideable shopping trolleys (‘carts’, for our American friends). You can coast along standing on the back or even ride atop a trolley while your pal pushes, making you the deadliest duo in Safeway. I’ve been scooting around on trolleys this afternoon and: it is great. Is it tactically useful? Mate, I’ve been too busy scooting up hill and down dale to pay any attention to murder. Oh, and the 20v20v20v20v20 event mode is back. Read the rest of this entry »

PUBG Corp to sue Epic Games over Fortnite similarities

Whoever wins, we lose.

A courtroom battle royale is brewing as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds developers PUBG Corp have filed a copyright suit against Fortnite Battle Royale studio Epic Games, The Korea Times reports. PUBG Corp claim that Fortnite Battle Royale violates their copyright. While the finer points of the Korean case have not yet been made public record, this could be the ‘further action’ contemplated by PUBG Corp’s parent company Bluehole last September.

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Fortnite Battle Royale mulls permanent big-squad mode

Ever since Fortnite Battle Royale first introduced 50v50 as a time-limited event mode last year, some folks–including Fraser Brown on this very site–have called for it to become a permanent fixture. Welll developers Epic Games haven’t confirmed that yet, but they have talked about keeping some sort of “larger squad mode” around at all times. They’ve been gabbing about what they’re working on right now, see, including improving performance and connections as well as adding a ‘Playground’ event mode for players to lark about. Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite Battle Royale takes to the skies with jetpacks

Jetpacks have arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale as Epic continue to patch their free-to-play last-man-dancing shooter, letting lucky packfinders soar into the skies then unceremoniously splat down into the ground because oh god this is my first time with a jetpack does it have limited fuel oh no. Epic say jetpacks are “The first of a new item type, Backpacks” so I imagine we’ll get to strap more things to ourselves in future. How about a papoose so we can literally carry a less-skilled squadmate? Read the rest of this entry »

Fortnite v4.2 update adds apples, Recombobulators and new Burst Assault Rifles


At last, scrumping has arrived in Fortnite. Update 4.2 has blessed the Battle Royale map with health-providing apples, which finally provides a much needed in-game explanation for why Doctors without Borders have steered clear of the conflict. I’ve been playing the game a whole bunch this week, and finding it surprisingly pleasant to kick back in a tower, look at the pretty sky and wait for trouble to come to me. Munching on the odd apple while I while away the minutes sounds…wholesome.

Tsk, I suppose you’re more interested in the new epic and legendary tier Burst Assault Rifles.

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Fortnite’s Infinity War is a little more finite than expected

Fortnite Battle Royale

The good news: Earth is saved! The less good news: The Ribena Bully himself, Thanos, is headed home tomorrow after an all-too-brief appearance in mega-popular battle royale shooter Fortnite. We all knew that his appearance was going to be a temporary thing, but it does feel like he could have stuck around a little longer, even if Epic were having trouble balancing an alien god against a world full of fragile human fodder.

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