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Classic Team Fortress: Steam Release For Fortress Forever

I always felt a little sorry for Fortress Forever [official site]. The folks behind the Source engine mod started in the long period when Valve had seemingly abandoned Team Fortress 2, with the goal of recreating Team Fortress Classic-y style class-based shooty shenanigans on a newer engine. Then Valve unexpectedly re-announced TF2, and Fortress Forever only beat it to release by one month before attention…

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Forever NotDelayed

So, Valve have announced that anyone who preorders the Orange Box will get into the Team Fortress 2 beta which starts on the 17th. That's Monday. Now, great and all, but that does leave a weekend. If only there was some kind of new Team Fortress style game you can play in the meantime. Why - what's this? It's old PC Gamer running joke Infofly.…

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