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Boss Wave: Defender’s Quest Gold, Steam Release

Oh no! The zombies are coming in easily defineable channels of right-angled marching!

It’s time for my regularly scheduled Defender’s Quest plug: Defender’s Quest is a disarmingly low-fi tower defense/rpg hybrid adventure released last year which immediately excelled due to its easy charm and unending efforts to make the player happy. Speaking of, the previously announced free-for-existing-customers Gold Edition has just released, and boy oh boy is it a doozy. The chaps at Fortress of Doors just love to spoil their fans, and if you haven’t yet tried it, now’s the perfect time because it’s just become bigger and better than ever.

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Second Wave: Defender’s Quest Free Gold Update

Tower Defense. Power Tree Fence. Cower Prevents. Louder Air Vents. Pound And Cents. Proper Tense. Coward Offense. Chowder Incense. Flower Suspense. Sour Condense. I've just wasted 5 minutes on this and I don't even know why. Dowry Expense. Shower Sense.

It’s all go in the free update business. First The Witcher 2, and now Defender’s Quest, the wonderful indie RPG squad-based tower defense game from Fortress of Doors we’ve covered in the past. Like Geralt, it’ll soon be receiving a totally free Gold update in the near future. These guys have always been keen to offer support befitting of a PC release, and this new update sounds like a meaty serving, starting off with a lovely new art style courtesy of Karen Petrasko and running the gamut through new features, enemies, side quests and replayability in the form of a hugely expanded New Game Plus option.

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