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Behold: The RPS New-o-Forum

Don't hurt me Disney

You may already have visited the new forum we built when we redesigned the site. The tech and structure was about eight-four million percent better than the amorphous horror we were using previously, but it was ultra-bare and perhaps a little uninviting, like an evil refrigerator. Well, now we’ve redesigned the redesigned forum. Shiny! Loving!
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Presenting The RPS Talk-O-Tron 3000

Good gentlefolk,
I bring glad tidings. We have made a unexpected breakthrough! Thanks to science and witchcraft, Rock, Paper, Shotgun now offers for your pleasure a ‘forum’ upon which men from the ‘internet’ may ‘talk’ to one another. We call it the Talk-o-Tron 3000, in tribute to the 2,999 unicorns that perished during its torturous creation. And to the one that yet lives, though I fear it shall never dance again.

Please, go forth and word-procreate upon it. But first, a few brief, essential statements you should know.
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