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The Joy Of Hex: Fray Launches June 19th

Strategic corporations-at-war simulation, Fray, could be one of June’s hexiest releases. In fact, it could be one of the games that defines my summer. Using a turn-based system to allow planning and then letting the consequences play out in realtime, a We-Go state of affairs like Frozen Synapse, the game pitches player-controlled squads against one another and lets them duke it out using all sorts of fancy future tech. Given how much I want to play this every time I see it the fact that I haven’t taken advantage of alpha or beta access probably speaks ill of my intelligence. Or time management. Perhaps both! Anyway, here’s a new trailer. Release date is June 19th.

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Hexy Beast: Fray Gets A Handsome Alpha Demo

UPDATE: My mistake, this is just the alpha labelled as a demo. Oh well, they SHOULD release a demo.

Original lies: We recently mentioned that Fray, the fancy-lookin’ sci-fi combat strategy project, had hit a paid alpha sort of a stage. You can also get a taste without coughing up the greenbacks, thanks to an “alpha demo”. So that’s a portion of the unfinished game, which you can get here. The demo contains two maps, two corporations, and six of the game’s classes, and a whole lot of hex-based strategic brain-challenge.

F’ray Few Dollars More: Fray Reaches Alpha

Entire families live in each one of these boots. The rent is astronomical due to recent gentrification of the crotch neighbourhood.

It’s the future and some megabastard corporations are at war with one another, which is hardly surprising, but as this is Fray they’re not scrapping in first-person agent-shooting as some might have you believe. Their respective boards and committees have decided that the best way to keep the shareholders sweet is to go at each other in the hex-divided streets, plotting their moves and murders before seeing how each turn plays out in real time. Sounds like something I should be playing so now that the alpha is available to preorder customers I shall be doing just that. Paying now ($19.99/€17.99/£14.99) over at Desura gives immediate access to the current build. Here’s a trailer.

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Fever Fray: First Fray Screens, Interview

Fray, you can be my hex-girlfriend

Indie squad tactics game Fray seems purpose-built to secure a place on RPS’s radar, and since we have impeccable taste, that means you should be keeping an eye on it too. Not only is it going to offer top-down squad strategy, they’re appealing to RPS’s love of paradoxes- that same squad strategy will be real-time and turn-based. Don’t think about that too hard, because (1) you’ll get a headache, and (2), we’ve got an interview with French developers Brain Candy explaining just what Fray is after the jump, as well as the first ever screenshots.
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Modern Medusa: Live-Action Fray Trailer

It would be another month before Bertrand admitted his dreadlocks had gotten out of control.

So, first the developers of turn-based tactics game Fray post a heartwarming video of their day spent with some expensive motion capture technology, and now they put out a dark live-action teaser trailer featuring a spot of parkour which, once again, I’m inclined to post. You’ll find it below. Kieron could only approve of this developer’s use and abuse of the gaming press.
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I’ll Buy That Fr’ay Dollar: Fray Announced

Hologram hexagons are the new Bullet Time. You heard it here first.

Paris-based indie dev Brain Candy has announced Fray, and by the sounds of things Frozen Synapse will soon have some competition. Fray will be a “turn-based, multiplayer, real-time strategy game” where players issue orders to their squad of four simultaneously, then these actions play out in real time. No screenshots at present, but I have located a couple of positive signs. First, check out this art. You’ll notice it’s labelled “Light Armour”. Light?! Well, okay. And there’s also an entertaining video of the Brain Candy guys making use of the motion capture tech over at Quantic Dreams.
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