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Commercial Strategies: Paradox Open New Web Store

This chap delivers all Paradox press releases to my royal chambers by hand. His name is Skegbury Twix.

A double-blast sounded from the Paradox news-horn this afternoon. The first tone was very much the sound of the company blowing its own trumpet and with good reason, as there are now over half a million subscribers to the Paradox forums. The second trembling note heralded the arrival of a new Paradox webstore, with discounts of 55% on several titles to celebrate the launch. It’s not the most navigable of stores as I write this That’s better – there’s a proper storefront now. Among other discounts, Crusader Kings II is £13.50 at the moment.

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Fred Wester: “DRM Is A Waste Of Money”

He knows. He KNOWS.

The ever quotable Fred Wester CEO Of Paradox Interactive (as his mother calls him) has laid down some views on DRM, and extolled the virtues of PC, at Gamespy at the end of last week. And wouldn’t you know it, the man’s speaking some sense.

“It’s so much simpler to develop for the PC — you can decide everything for yourself… The PC is very rewarding because the audience is very knowledgeable about the games, they’re very hardcore, they’re very quick with their feedback, and we have a great relationship with our customers.”

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