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Feature: Spithead Review

The Flare Path: Rules The Waves

I am the very model of a contented desktop Admiral, I've information financial, political, and tactical, I grow my navy patiently to echo fights historical, Not Tsushima or Jutland, but battles roughly comparable; I mull over decisions with implications international, And design my own ships using rules quite mathematical; Exposed to a wargame this deep, fresh, and dreadnoughtical, It would be profoundly criminal not to…

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Feature: Simulation and wargame blather

The Flare Path: Dreadnoughts And Droid Thoughts

Though my Battle-of-Jutland-through-the-eyes-of-a-ship's-cat war movie remains unfunded, untitled and largely unwritten, I have mentally sketched out the final scene. EXT. FIRTH OF FORTH. DAWN. Passing under the awesome edifice of the Forth Bridge, the bruised and battered HMS Warspite is pelted with coal by disappointed railway workers. Tickles, asleep in her customary spot atop 'A' turret, wakes and dashes for cover. Scampering across the bloodstained,…

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