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God Gave Rock and Roll and Still Alive To You

Maybe Black Mesa. Haha, fat chance, they're a fictional science insitution that accidentally caused an alien invasion.

Frankly very tired of all the shouty nonsense rock on Guitar Hero III (really, it should have just consisted of Paint It Black 32 times over), I began to crave other musical delights for my ruined hands. I don’t know why I didn’t think of looking for this before. Frets on Fire isn’t bound by such tiresome conventions as rock songs and guitars. If it’s a song, you can play it on your little plastic guitar (or keyboard or gamepad or Strategic Commander) – regardless of whether there’s actually much guitar in it. And hence I found myself merrily playing these two fine pieces of Valve-related music…
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Reunion Tour

I’ve killed a lot of men recently. A lot of men. And frankly, I needed a break. Running a crosshair-burned-into-the-retina eye over what was either already installed on my PC or within easy reach, my options were fairly limited. Guns, swords, magic death powers, psychic fists…Peggle? No. No more Peggle. That’s the easy way out.

What’s the opposite of violence? Art, perhaps. That’s when I realised precisely what the cure to my bloodthirsty blues was. I haven’t played Guitar Hero for quite some time. Music will sooth my serial killer’s soul. (Bear with me, this will become PC-relevant after the jump).

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