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A New Angle On Nidhogg: Swordy

A good sword swing should at least hold the possibility of ending in a calamitous pratfall. If you’re going to wave a chunk of metal around, no matter how finely wrought, rune-etched and gem-encrusted it might be, then I expect your momentum to spin you in a full circle and land you in a heap whenever you fail to make contact with whoever you might be aiming your blade at. Swordy, from New Zealand’s Frogshark, caters to my desires. A local multiplayer sword ’em up for up to four players, it’s top-down battles appear to be physics-driven dances of death, during which players spin to slice and scurry to stab. It’s a colourful game as well, reminding me of Magicka but with flails instead of flames.

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