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Some Classic Games Kickstarter Need Not Revive

As studios continue to plunder the archives of our fond gaming memories for franchises to restore, but only if you’ll stump up the nostalgia-cash via Kickstarter, I’ve put my mind to thinking of a few games I remember loving in the past. That should never be revived. Because they were probably awful.

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Raised By Screens, Chapter 10 – Fury Of The Furries

Raised By Screens is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a memoir – glancing back at the games I played as a child in the order in which I remember playing them, and focusing on how I remember them rather than what they truly were. There will be errors and there will be interpretations that are simply wrong, because that’s how memory works.

Note – I have written about this chapter of my early gaming life extensively before, so apologies for any repetition. I just didn’t feel that I could leave this particular game out of this series.

Buying games, or even wanting to buy games, was an incredible rarity for me – partly because I simply couldn’t afford them, partly because a couple of rich kids at school kept me fueled with a steady stream of pirated games, partly because until 1993 I almost didn’t care what game I was playing, so long as I was playing a game. In 1993, that began to change.
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Fury of the Furries & Me

“Fury of the Furries.” Snort. D’y’know, that wasn’t funny back in 1993. Now, though, hoo-boy. Angry men defending their rights to dress up in teddy bear suits is a game that simply must come to pass. 1993’s Fury of the Furries, though, was a platform game about cute fluffy things with goo-goo voices fighting for their right to exist. Oh.

On with the story, anyway. A warning: this post is more nostalgia than restrospective, I’m afraid, but everyone has a unique gaming heritage, so maybe it’ll be at least a little interesting in that respect. Maybe. I suspect it stands a better chance of being the longest piece of writing about Fury of the Furries on the entire internet. Read the rest of this entry »