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Have You Played… Princess Maker 2?

When I sat down to do my first of these Have You Playeds, I was really annoyed because Brendy had done a bunch of the games I wanted to do - ‘cos I thought they were niche and would make me look cool. I basically considered this an act of preemptive war on his part. Hold onto your butt, Brendan, if that even is your…

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Princess Maker 1 revamp coming this month

After Princess Maker 2 Refine arrived last year, fancying-up and officially translating the fantasy parent simulator RPG, our Graham hoped that the never-fully-translated Princess Maker 5 might follow. Nope! Next up is Princess Maker Refine, an update of the 1991 original. Like PM2 Refine, it's updated with new full-colour art, voiceovers (in Japanese), new sound, and those sweet Steam chee-chees. Have a peek in this…

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Princess Maker 2 Refine Coming To Steam Tomorrow

My son is six-months-old, but my daughter is almost fully grown. She's a homemaker, which is fine, but it's not what I had in mind when god bestowed the child upon me. I spent all our money on magic lessons, after all. This is how most of my experiences go in Princess Maker 2, a life simulator from 1993 that's by turns moreish, compellingly daft,…

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