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Galactic Bartender Episode 2: Last Orders

This week: TWO bartenders on the space station? Double trouble!

The more time I spend with Space Station 13 the more impressed I am, but I’ll save that for a round-up post at a later date. For now, here’s another abstract update on my progress. If you missed it, Episode 1 can be found here. This is the adventures of Galactic Bartender Gengy Patel.

Barman’s log, stardate 40263.1. Dunno where to begin. I’m recording this from the station escape shuttle, and I’m sat beside the four other survivors of the blast. The bar’s been destroyed. I mean, technically the entire station’s been destroyed, but the bar was inside it. Today’s been a right pain in the arse.
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Space Station 13: Galactic Bartender Ep. 1

Bringing a whole new meaning to Closing Time.

I’ve started investigating Space Station 13, a sci-fi multiplayer sandbox with the same utterly batshit more-is-more design as Dwarf Fortress. It uses Byond, and with that installed you can get SS13 here. The comprehensive Something Awful goon wiki can be read here and there’s a big map of the station here. The game lets you pick your job on the crew each game, but I’ve decided to shirk the responsibility of being captain, chief engineer, detective and so on to see what can be done as a humble barman. This, Episode 1, covers my first hour with the game on a sparsely populated server. This is the adventures of Galactic Bartender Gengy Patel.

Barman’s log, stardate 40125.8. Dunno where to begin. I guess I should be in the bar right now instead of recording this, but the power’s still down over there and I need to take a break. And find a gun. But let’s start by takin’ a break.
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