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Twilight Of The Arnor Released 27 Days Ago!

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At RPS we’re determined to bring you the hottest PC news within at least 28 days of it breaking (Except when we accidentally repost a story from three months back due to ultro-thickness. And the time we came within a mouseclick of posting a story that was a year old, due to them only making announcements to do with the 40K MMO a year apart. The basts). So it gives us great pleasure to be among the last to inform you Stardock have released their second and final expansion for their splendid Galactic Civilizations II. 27 days ago. Yes.

A good old rant about what makes it interesting beneath the cut, clearly.
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Beta Impressions: GalCiv2: Twilight Of The Arnor

In my continuing attempt to purge all real-time elements from my PC playing – the gaming equivalent of a high fibre diet, probably – I’ve been spending a little time time playing the ongoing Beta of Galactic Civilization II: Twilight of the Arnor. While I’ve been meaning to return to GalCiv since Tom Francis’ brilliant GalCiv2: Dark Avatar diary (My personal favourite piece of games writing of 2007, for the record), and I figured this was a good an excuse as any. And I don’t need many excuses to make a Space Empire.

I wish I was a Super Dominator.

There wasn’t much good when I started playing. No, not the game. The game remains, from what I’ve played, one of the premier strategy games of the last few years. Me. There wasn’t much good in me.

Tales of interstellar brutality beneath the cut.
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