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Premature Evaluation: Galactic Junk League

Every Monday, we send Brendan into the early access hangar with only a spanner and some big ideas. This week, the build-your-own-spaceship battler Galactic Junk League [official site].

Let’s see, we’ll strap on an uber cannon there… and another one there… paint this red and this bit black… plop another thruster or two back here… hide the shield generator in this alcove… plaster some armour plating here and here and, oh, here… yes! It looks like my new ship is ready to go. Sharkey the Shite is a giant destroyer-class cannon-platform. He’s not very fast and he turns slower than a bicycle wheel with a stick in it. But he’ll probably be better than my last ship, a rusting block of junk with ten missile batteries stuck to every side. I called that one the Barge of Rats.
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Build and fly a spacetoilet in Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League [official site] is a free-to-play multiplayer spaceship combat game where players can build and fly their own heavily-armed megatoilet. If you’re not even remotely interested in that, sheesh, move on. I suppose you could also build an X-Wing, Viper, or imaginary spaceship of your own design but the tools let you build a toilet or fish or mug so? Anyway, having made your own ship with different weapons and abilities and whatnot, pew pew off you go into battle. Galactic Junk League is soon on Steam Early Access soon so let’s have a look in this trailer: Read the rest of this entry »