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Game Maker Maker Bought By Online Gambling Firm

Game Maker and developers YoYo Games have been bought for £10 million by PlayTech, a company specialising in online gambling. To which the consensus response from the Game Makering community so far seems to be, “Uh oh.” PlayTech predominantly provide software to online casinos, which means that Game Maker theoretically fits alongside an existing stable of software tools, but when your livelihood or creativity is tied to a piece of third-party software, it’s always nervy times when someone new with unknown goals steps into the mix.

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If Global.GameMaker_Is_Free = 1 { Script_Execute(Download)

You can muddle through even with crap code like this.

At first, I thought of Game Maker as a tool for unskilled beginners to make psuedo, they-don’t-count games. Then Spelunky came along and took away my snobbery, showing me that the entry-level tool could be used to create fantastic games. Then Gunpoint came along, and replaced my snobbery outright with a permeating sense of bitterness and regret; the kind which penetrates deep to your core and gradually erodes all your personal relationships.

Consider me a cautionary tale, and make use of this offer: Game Maker Studio‘s Standard edition, which normally costs $50, is free at the moment.
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GTA Creator Is Building Liberty City In Game Maker

Not quite as pretty as GTAV, mind you.

Michael Dailly created Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings in his time at DMA Design, and is now Head of Development at YoYo Games, the company responsible for entry-level game creation tool Game Maker. To help illustrate the power of Game Maker: Studio, the modern version of that tool, he’s doing something cool. As reported by USGamer, he’s re-building the world of Grand Theft Auto 1 in it, in 3D.
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Game Design At 8: Alien Black Hole

I drew a good cartoon of a duck when I was eight.

Thanks to Phill for pointing us toward Alien Black Hole. It’s the work, so the website claims, of an 8 year old called Ross, who using Game Maker published it on his site, Thunder And Lightning Games. Now, we were once 8 year olds, and we remember we spent most of that year laughing at farts, falling out of trees and running away from girls. (Please note the obvious joke being omitted here.) We’re a little suspicious. Because despite its extremely simplistic appearance, it quickly reveals itself to be a rather good idea. 8 year olds don’t have good ideas, do they? The enemies that follow your ship around, chasing you as you aim for the exits, also destroy the level’s walls when they get near. Soon those walls are in your way, so you’re going to need the pursuing enemy’s help. Smart, eh? It’s a very little download, you can get it from here.

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