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GameCamp Is Back, Back! BACK!

Yes, one of RPS’ favourite game-related events is happening once again in London, this time on 12th May at Keyworth Centre atrium and its conference rooms at London South Bank University, near Elephant and Castle in central London. The GameCamp “Unconference” is notable for not being about presentations, but rather informal gatherings and conversations sparked off by the speakers. In their own words: “It’s for the designers, coders, artists, writers, thinkers and, above all, the players who are making the 21st century the century of the game. GameCamp is about more than making games: it’s about playing them, thinking about them and how they affect our lives for good or for ill.”

Have a read of Kieron’s account of a GameCamp from a couple of years ago if you want to know a bit more about the event. Tickets are few, so get in there if you want to be involved.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: GameCamp 2010

This is the second Gamecamp. Organised by awesome people, hosted by PayPal/Gumtree/eBay with food from Pizza Express and booze from Unity, it works on the unconference model. In short: a conference without a plan. People turn up. Anyone who wants to try and run a session, can do so. Just lob up its name on the board. People turn up. People leave. People may get annoyed/inspired by what others have done, and do a response session later in the day. And then, 8 hours later, everyone goes to the pub.
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FYI: GameCamp 2 Tickets At Noon

Do you remember last year when I went to the Gamecamp “unconference”. Go read about it. It was a lot of fun. They’re doing another one this year on May 8th at Whittaker House (Ebay/PayPal/’s headquarters) in Richmond, London, and the first bunch of (free) tickets for the event go live at Midday today. As in, noon. They’ll disappear pretty quickly, so consider this your advance warning. You’ll be able to get them from here.

The Guardian GameCamp

I spent my Saturday at the Guardian-run GameCamp in That There London Town. It’s an unconference. The idea being to get a number of people in a room for a day and improvise a conference, basically. About 120 people were there, of which a good chunk were a cross-discipline mix of developers (Mainstream, ARGs, indie, pen-and-paper, whatever), journalists, academics and general thinking-bods, and the remaining places filled by interested parties who applied for a ticket. Which was lead to the sort of social cocktail equivalent of the end-of-party one where every bottle in the house gets emptied into a glass, briefly enters someone’s stomach before finding its final resting place down a toilet. Except more fun.

It went a little like this.
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