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Disk? Go? Machinegun!: GameGun! The Gamegun!

This is the sort of thing we wish Alec Meer would do. Plus, with the accent.

Check the timestamp on this post. Within the minute from then, Walker will be in my AIM window telling me off for using such a horrible grab-from-you-tube. But it’s too late! Too late! You’ll never catch me and there’s nothing else that can replace it. Ahahahahaha, etc. Er… Parkin forwarded this to me, which has been doing the rounds for the last couple of days. It’s a gent who’s made his own VR gamegun, by tying a motion sensor and a camera to a plastic gun. He turns, the game turns. He shoots, the game shoots. He speaks, he has an awesome accent, but that’s nothing do with the gamegun. You must watch, clearly…
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