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JoJo’s Fashion Show

Despite being someone who allowed his fashion sense to condense into a comfortable black shadow about a decade back, I found myself unable to resist playing Gamelab’s recent game: Jojo’s Fashion Show, because I’m perfectly at home with my inner cliched bitchy gay fashionista.

Clothes are in this year.

In short: You have to dress models as fashionably as possible to fulfill a vague look (“Racy”, “Summer”, “Bridal”), then push them onto the runway to see how your taste in fashion matches the games. While clearly aimed outside the traditional gamer market, there’s something intrinsically funny about imagining the standard gamer demographic obsessively playing it. And it’s actually neatly done, polished and better than you’d expect it to be. There’s a 2 Peggles Demo available to try, which gives you an hours free play, but I suspect you’ll find some further impressions and/or ladies in their undergarments beneath the cut.

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