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Gamers’ Voice To Challenge Black Ops Bugs

Gamers’ Voice have confirmed that they will be reporting Activision to the trading standards authority over ongoing bugs in the PC and PS3 versions of Call Of Duty: Black Ops. In this article the UK-based gaming advocacy group said that: “a formal complaint will be submitted to the relevant government agencies that protect consumer rights in the UK on the week commencing 23rd Jan 2011. We will keep people updated as to the progress of this complaint.”

It’s an interesting move. On the one hand, it’s ludicrous that the biggest game of 2010 should have had so many bugs, yet on the other, can we really, realistically expect games to be bug free? Where should the line be drawn? I mean, we were livid about certain games being broken in 2010, but less worried over others. Ideally all games would be bug free on release, but isn’t it actually something that needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis, and can trading standards bodies really make those kinds of judgments?

Raising Our Game: Parliamentary Games Day

Here we have a rare shot of Big Ben blinking.
Last week I was in the Houses of Parliament doing some actual reporting. Yes! Outside, where the diseases live. This is because the 12th of January was the first Parliamentary Games Day, as organised by UK volunteer consumer interests group Gamers’ Voice. The thinking behind the event was that it would allow politicians to interact with members of the games industry, play some games and basically learn a thing or two about these modern video shootems that they’re expected to legislate.

“Games Day” is a misnomer- the event would only be two hours long, thereby limiting my chances of contracting Spongeskin, Pauper’s Wilt or any of the other infections which are rife in the city. I like my immune system like I like my women: clean and inexperienced. But I digress. How did Games Day go? Well, let me tell you. It had some moments.
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