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Project Aftermath

It’s not often that I’m able to type the words “here’s a cool indie RTS that you really should take a look at ” and yet I’m able to do that here, right now. Here’s a cool indie RTS that you really should take a look at right away: Project Aftermath. It’s a squad-based sci-fi combat game, with power-wielding heroes and ongoing objectives, large maps, puzzling tactical conundrums, and little squads of brightly coloured laser-wielding dudes following your heroes… It’s a little like what Dawn of War II seems to be aiming for, only with bright colours and limited orks. It’s got a kind of Freedom Force theme going on too, with comic strip intro panels and some amusing fiction (the enemies have flying saucers?) bookending the action. Better still, there’s loads of little UI features and play nuances that make it an interesting game in its own right.

Project Aftermath has been launched on Steam and on the official website, and the demo is available now. Impressions and trailer follows.

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