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Games for 2008: Fallout 3


You don’t envy Bethesda.

I’ve said this before, but the nagging question is why they’d take up this particular poisoned chalice of post-apocalypse role-playing anyway. “A new game by the makers of Oblivion” is a much bigger story to the gaming mainstream than “Sequel to old PC game you haven’t played”. Hell, the “3” even risks alienating people who’ve never played (or heard of) the original, dismissing it out of hand – there’s eighteen year old PC Gamers who’d have been six when the thing comes out. Even putting aside that, the friends it buys you will brook no compromise. The Fallout fanbase epitomised by the cheery souls of No Mutants Allowed, having had a decade to stew over disappointment after disappointment, are openly fanatical. As much as they’d protest it, no-one can see them accepting anything Bethesda would produce.

A Fallout licence gives you… what? A post-apocalyptic world. Make your own up and save yourself the hassle of dealing with friends who hate you and strangers who look just at you strangely.

So why do it?

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Games For 2008: Starcraft 2

This is the first in a month-or-so of pieces on the games we’re interested in for 2008. Please do leave your comments and let us know why you’re anxious, excited, or apathetic towards these games. We need to know.

pew, also: zap

There’s an anecdote about Blizzard’s office in Irvine that I’ve promised not to publish. It’s so absurdly appropriate to their nature as games designers that I had to stand in front of a mirror and smack myself around the face to avoid reproducing it here. It’s also the /perfect/ introduction to a piece about Starcraft 2, and it’s painful to have promised not to use it.

Anyway, that same office is where I sat down and played Starcraft 2, just prior to its demonstration at last year’s BlizzCon. I should first point out that I thrashed the pants offa’ my colleague from PC Gamer Sweden in our second multiplayer session, and that I was just testing in the first game… then perhaps we should move on to some details about Starcraft 2 itself.
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