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Games For Humanity, Part 2

Continuing and concluding our round-up of PC games to show people who feel that all games are culturally worthless, or are otherwise entirely uninterested in them. Part One is here, and I do strongly suggest you read it before this one if you missed it.
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Games For Humanity (Part 1)

There are great many games in which the primary activity is to battle men or monsters. That will never change, and there is no reason that it should change: escapism and tales of heroism have been fulfilling, healthy and culturally productive uses of the human imagination since the dawn of this species. However, when the wider world looks at the gaming world, very often it sees only these games. It believes that games are only about killing, and that this makes all games – and the people who play them – dangerous and ugly. That perception is an inaccurate one, and increasingly so. Often it is said that games could do more, but the truth is that they do do more.

There are games that are literary, games that are socially-conscious, games that are political, games that explore the human condition, games that investigate love and loss, games about family, games about history, games about culture, games about art. Games about humanity. Games for humanity.
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