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Contradictory Headlines, Pt 1: GFW Marketplace Closing

Good riddance, sweet prince

Games For Windows Live – Microsoft’s heinous piece of burdenware that dragged down even the best of games – hasn’t been much of A Thing for a while, but some vestiges remain. Like the human appendix and pretty much every part of a platypus, however, they don’t really serve a purpose anymore. So the Games For Windows marketplace, which you may remember from such hits as that time they halfheartedly turned it into a Steam clone and that other time it got vomited back into existence by an Xbox? Come next week, it’s history.

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Thing Of Legend: Fable III’s Platform Choices

Sooo, here’s a thing (not of legend, but of PC gaming distribution news): Microsoft have decided to ship Fable III simulataneously on Steam and Games For Windows Marketplace. That says something about who is boss in the digital download market, I think. There are even bonus things for both: preorder via Games for Windows Marketplace and you receive Fable: Lost Chapters for nowt, and if you purchase it on Steam, you’ll get the “Rebel’s Weapon & Tattoo Pack”, which is a collection of uh… weapons and tattoos? Look, over there! A inverted bee!

And yes, the game is out on May 20th on both platforms. Any reason to be excited? Check here to find out.

Launched: The New GFW Marketplace

As revealed the other week, and now actually actual – right over here. There’s not a vast amount of super-recent games on there as yet, but Lego Universe, Dead Rising 2 and 007: Blood Stone are the headliners and suggest a drive to be relatively contemporary. A lot of the existing stuff remains comically expensive, however, which suggests that publishers are either very cautious about this service or Microsoft are still testing the waters. Clue: be cheaper.

There’s an inaugural mega-bargain, at least – GTA IV, sans DLC, for £12. Alas, it has been cheaper on Steam during past ultro-sales and can still be had for less at retail/etail, but if the high street or a wait for the post-person ain’t handy for you it’s certainly cheaper than any other digi-store right this minute. You can also use your Live/Messenger/Hotmail/whatevs id to sign in and buy stuff, which might make it a little easier or more palatable for some folks. Or not. WHO KNOWS?
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Games For Windows Lives

Some people have wondered why we’re yet to write about Microsoft’s recently-announced relaunch of Games For Windows. I wondered too, and eventually settled on it being something to do with just how tainted that name is now. After all these years of confusing marketing and frustrating attempts to regulate multiplayer, so many PC gaming brains either skip right over it or focus into some manner of cranial snarl at its mere mention. Well, let’s resist that impulse and strive for a little understanding.

Here’s the plan: Microsoft are rebooting Games For Window again, but this time around it’s about trying to make that strange, cludgy brand be associated with something other than irksome sign-in screens. How are they doing it? By putting its Marketplace element head-to-head with Steam.
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