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Waffle: Games On A Plane

With jetlag.

‘Waffle’ are occasional columns of meandering thoughts, not intended to make any helpful points.

As the transport industry embarrassingly crawls along behind progress, we’re finally getting close to a place where gaming on the move is viable. It’s insane that what’s been holding us back for so long is basically plug sockets.

Clearly there are many who have been gaming on the move for years. But they’re those who can afford laptops of such epic prices as to make a mortal man cry, with battery lives not even long enough to complete Homefront, twice. Genuine opportunities to conveniently game, on non-bank-destroying machines, while hurtling at impressive speeds, are really only appearing now, I’d suggest. I made that really specific, because there’s no internet access up here on this plane, so I can’t check.

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