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Anti-Doom: And Now The Blessed Companies

So I got pretty cross about Kotaku presenting its vast audience with a piece pejoratively entitled '10 doomed games businesses' (and about its industry analyst author, Gamesbrief's Nicholas Lovell, choosing such emotive and negative terminology for an otherwise discussion-worthy topic). He then wrote his reasons for doing it, with a spot of mea culpa, and there's been plenty of civil discussion since, though the jury…

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Cheer Up: That Doomed Games Business List

I've never been a huge fan of games journalism journalism, but I took exception to GamesBrief's 'doomed games businesses' piece proliferating as far as it did, most especially its repost in full on Kotaku - presenting millions of gamers with a neat list of apparently damned games, developers, publishers, concepts and business models. I wasn't, I admit, at all troubled when it was primarily exposed…

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