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The GAME Is Back On: Bought Out Of Administration

Staying open, for the foreseeable.

It’s official. GAME, the UK’s biggest high street retailer of games, is saved. GAME, and Gamestation, will continue on, and 3,200 jobs secured. This is thanks to the company’s being purchased by Baker Acquisitions and OpCapita, recent owners of Comet. That’s good news for those who stay, which will include a “small number” of head office staff, previously made redundant, but little comfort to the 2,100 who lost their jobs, and are still facing not receiving redundancy payments. 277 stores haven’t survived the ordeal, but the new owners say there will be no further closures.

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High Street Blues: GAME Enters Administration

The shelves in my local branch are a whole lot emptier than that

It appears to be the end of days for troubled UK high street games retailer GAME and its sadly homogenised subsidiary Gamestation. While the chain has long been guilty of multiple heinous disservices to gaming (the aforementioned homogenisation, unwillingness to promote lesser-known titles, far too many stores far too close to each other, excessive reliance on pre-orders and trade-ins, refusal to stock almost any PC games and unproven allegations that it was getting publishers to delay Steam releases in the UK), do remember that is not the fault of its general workforce. Plus despite its sins, it has been a monetary backbone to the UK games industry. The gaming landscape without it is an uncertain one.
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