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There’s insufficient evidence to call gaming disorder its own clinical condition, report says

Researchers feeling out an edge of what some call 'gaming disorder' have said they "do not believe sufficient evidence exists to warrant thinking about gaming as a clinical disorder in its own right." Their study looked at adolescents who play loads of video games and came to the conclusion that the games aren't the problem, more the wider world is full of problems and young'uns…

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Games industry should contribute to research into ‘problem gaming’, Parliament report recommends

As well as calling for government regulation of loot boxes under gambling law, Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee report on "immersive and addictive technologies" had interesting things to say around other "psychosocial harms" of video games. Steering clear of terms like "gaming addiction," they presented a surprisingly nuanced view of how certain games can consume people at certain times of their lives…

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World Health Organisation add ‘gaming disorder’ to the International Classification of Diseases

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have voted to recognise ‘gaming disorder’ as a health condition. After drafting it into the updated International Classification of Diseases (ICD) last year, members of the assembly unanimously agreed the draft yesterday, despite dissent from academics, industry groups, and governmental bodies. The classification will come into effect in 2022.

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Industry and academics unite to oppose World Health Organisation’s “gaming disorder”

A number of academics and games industry associations, including the UK's Ukie and USA's Entertainment Software Association, have united to oppose World Health Organisation (WHO) plans to define 'gaming disorder' as a health condition. The WHO, an arm of the United Nations, intend to create 'gaming disorder' with the next revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), their big book o' physical and mental…

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