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Gates of Andaron Is On

Greased Lightning!

News reached us that the Gates of Andaron was opened up yesterday. We waited for today to post it as… er… maybe we wanted to give you something to play at the weekend? Yeah, that sounds likely. Anyway, this is a free Fantasy MMO which includes all the usual RPG race and class gubbins (e.g. The Rekamies “…have the ability to perform both white and black magic.” Which must be handy. All of RPS can only cast either black or white magic. We can barely dream of a world where we could have both). Most interesting features look like the Realm Versus Realm stuff plus the large scale battles where you can play as a commander in conflicts of up to 49 players. Which sounds fancy. Anyway, if you fancy some MMOing of the free variety,you can download the client from here. If you need more, there’s some early user videos below.
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