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GDC’s Covid-19 survey leaves room for optimism in the industry

The organisers of the Game Developers Conference have released a report on the results of their latest "state of the industry" survey. Their usual annual survey happened in March, but this extra one was solely about the impact of the ongoing pandemic.The results are on the face of it rather grim, with some job losses and game delays and lots of struggling people. But they're…

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Fundraising livestreams for the GDC Relief Fund begin today

The annual Game Developers Conference, and a bunch of other gaming events, have been cancelled or postponed this year thanks to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Getting to GDC represents a serious financial commitment for indie developers especially, who have been impacted by its cancellation so close to the dates it was meant to run. is hosting a fundraising week of livestreams to…

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GDC announces a re-imagined three day GDC Summer for August

Despite cancelling its physical footprint due to the Covid-19 virus, GDC 2020 is carrying on in a fashion with a subset of planned talks now being delivered as GDC Virtual Talks that are wrapping up today. The physical conference, which should have been happening in San Francisco this week, has rescheduled for August. Organisers announced yesterday that they are now planning a three-day event called GDC Summer…

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Untitled Goose Game ran away with the GDC Awards game of the year trophy

Right after A Short Hike won the Independent Games Festival Awards grand prize last night, the Game Developers Choice Awards declared Untitled Goose Game the game of the year. Other games to win prizes Dev Choice Awards include Disco Elysium, Control, and Baba Is You - some good stuff. They also handed the Pioneer Award to Roberta Williams, the Sierra co-founder known for adventure games…

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A Short Hike wins the IGF Grand Prize

While the Game Developers Conference is not happening this week, postponed by Covid-19 health concerns, its two big awards shows went ahead on livestream. The vile waterfowl of Untitled Goose Game ran off with the Game Of The Year Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards, and the chill A Short Hike scooped the Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival Awards. A Short Hike…

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Sea Of Thieves shipwrecks are great and I can’t believe players used to ignore them

I adore the shipwrecks in Sea Of Thieves. There's just something so thrilling about pulling up besides one and diving in to claim some sunken treasure. Maybe it's the fear of sharks lurking about, ready to strike, or perhaps it's the excitement of never knowing what sort of booty these lost vessels might contain.You'll understand then, dear reader, why I'm baffled to learn I'm in…

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A virtual Steam Game Festival will let you play a load of demos today

With basically every games event cancelled or postponed by coronavirus concerns, Valve are launching a virtual showcase of games that would have been on show. The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition will start tonight with over forty games on show and free demos for folks at home to play until Monday. That's nice, that. I'd be nice if this sort of thing became a permanent…

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Virtual GDC begins today in lieu of the physical conference

GDC 2020 begins today. It's online this year after the San Francisco-based conference was postponed due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Hundreds of professional presentations and thousands of attendees are no longer getting together in person but the grand industry mindshare is attempting to spread knowledge regardless. Though not every talk has survived the jump to digital space, you can start watching many…

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In lieu of a live show, GDC takes its developer sessions to Twitch

When this year's Game Developer's Conference was unceremoniously postponed over coronavirus outbreak fears, it threw a lot of wrenches at people's calendars. But the postponement also meant the loss of GDC's most valuable assets - hours and hours of lengthy sessions from some of the biggest names in the biz. But losing the Moscone Centre doesn't mean those talks need to be gone for good.…

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Every gaming coronavirus cancellation

Over the past month, at greater and greater pace, games events and happenings have been disrupted by precautionary measures against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. E3 is off, GDC is postponed... this year's PC gaming calendar is looking quite different. We've posted about some of these as they cropped up but it's hard to follow in drips and drabs. So! Here's a long list of effects…

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Get some insight into Microsoft’s game development when they stream their GDC talks next week

GDC may be cancelled for now, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from releasing all the talks they had planned for the event. On March 17th and 18th they'll be streaming all the sessions they had ready for the Game Developers Conference over on Mixer, meaning those who wouldn't have made it their in the first place will be able to listen in, too.The developer-focused sessions…

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Feature: More like Grim Developers Conference

Priceless Play — 7 March 2020

It's been just over a week since GDC announced that it would postpone its annual conference until "summer" of this year as a response to the Coronavirus. I live in Los Angeles, where city officials have just declared a "health emergency," and work at a university full of grubby-handed students. I understand the global reach of the pandemic panic. Many developers were caught off guard…

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Indie developers affected by GDC postponement invited to apply for relief fund

Last Friday, after multiple large publishers cancelled their appearances at the event, the yearly Game Developers Conference was postponed. Originally scheduled for March 16-20 in San Francisco, the conference has been postponed to "later in the summer" due to concerns about potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. GDC say they will refund the cost of passes to the conference to attendees but tickets to the event…

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GDC 2020 is postponed following coronavirus concerns

This year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco has been postponed, the organisers announced tonight. GDC 2020 was was due to run March 16-20 in San Francisco with hundreds of sessions and tens of thousands attending. The organisers say it is postponed, not cancelled, and they "fully intend to host a GDC event later in the summer." This is not a big surprise. Companies including…

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Microsoft, Epic and Unity are the latest to pull out of GDC over coronavirus concerns (now Blizzard too)

Update: Blizzard have now announced that they are also cancelling their GDC attendance, saying "the health and well-being of our teams is our highest priority."The list of developers and tech companies dropping out of GDC is growing, as Microsoft, Epic Games and Unity confirm they're pulling out due to health risks presented by coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a big blow for the physical conference, but…

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Sony and Facebook cancel GDC appearances due to coronavirus

Sony and Facebook have cancelled their appearances at the Game Developers Conference this year, both citing concerns about the new coronavirus. The yearly conference for game industry workers is typically a source of new information each year, with presentations about the development of influential games and interviews with studio members. Both Sony and Facebook are stepping back this year based on concerns for the health…

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Game industry support for unionisation is growing, GDC survey shows

As GDC's yearly survey of developers says in their report "unionisation and labor practices remain hot topics in the game industry." The last several years have seen many reports of game developers being overworked—that thing we call crunch—to finish the biggest games each year. If not stories of crunch, it's reports of major layoffs instead. No surprise then that talk of unionising continues to grow.

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IGF finalists announced, confirm RPS is correct about everything

The Independent Games Festival Awards have announced their finalists, once more reflecting the esteemed opinions of RPS writers. Sad mutant blueberry simulator Mutazione is the favourite for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and is also in the running for the Art, Audio and Narrative awards. Two thirds of Alices agree that it is well good.Other grand prize contenders include AI and sadness visual novel Eliza,…

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