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Game industry support for unionisation is growing, GDC survey shows

As GDC's yearly survey of developers says in their report "unionisation and labor practices remain hot topics in the game industry." The last several years have seen many reports of game developers being overworked—that thing we call crunch—to finish the biggest games each year. If not stories of crunch, it's reports of major layoffs instead. No surprise then that talk of unionising continues to grow.

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IGF finalists announced, confirm RPS is correct about everything

The Independent Games Festival Awards have announced their finalists, once more reflecting the esteemed opinions of RPS writers. Sad mutant blueberry simulator Mutazione is the favourite for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and is also in the running for the Art, Audio and Narrative awards. Two thirds of Alices agree that it is well good. Other grand prize contenders include AI and sadness visual novel…

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