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GDC Diary Day Something: Something Something Help Me

I normally make it further before GDC breaks me. It’s normally Friday before I lose track of time, space and consciousness. This time it happened on Wednesday, and it’s now somehow Friday and I’ve not written the diaries for half the week. GDC eats you, until all of time is a blur of sessions, chats, games and walking through the hypnotising grids of San Francisco from diner to convention centre to Starbucks to diner to bed to diner to Starbucks to convention to diner…

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GDC Diary Day Two: Submergent Narrative

(This is about Tuesday, but you know, time travel, internet access, etc.) Today is Clandestine Day. Today Nathan and I are meeting with SECRET DEVELOPER to look at SECRET GAME. I’m also going to SECRET MEETING at lunchtime. And playing SECRET LEGO MMO THAT’S NOT ACTUALLY A SECRET this morning. I’m like the world’s greatest spy.

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GDC Diary Day One: Hugs & Sunshine

GDC is the indie scrappiness to E3’s mainstream AAA cacophony. E3 is a terrifying place that has only brought me suffering. GDC is, or at least has been the last two years I’ve attended, a really splendid time. Based around a massive range of talks from all aspects of the industry, rather than publishers’ competing subwoofers, the emphasis here really is on the craft, rather than the explosions. As I explore it once again, I’m going to share the experience in diary form.

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