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Cannon Fodder 3 Actually Happened, Demo

See, that actually looks like Cannon Fodder.

Well here’s a thing. You may remember that last January there was a flurry of excitement at the prospect of a new Cannon Fodder game. The 1993 Amiga classic still generates a lot of love, and people especially like arguing about whether Cannon Fodder 2 was an acceptable sequel, and whether Stuart Campbell ruined it with his sticky-up hair. Let’s fight about that now! But a third never happened, until the peculiarity of Codemasters licensing the title for a Russian-only third part developed by GFI. Codies quickly distanced themselves from it, and things fell silent. But now every other site on the internet has reported the spotting of a YouTube video of some footage by Twitterite superannuation. And, well, it looks like Cannon Fodder with improved graphics.

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Son Of A Gun: Cannon Fodder 3 Announced

Looking forward to today's 3D efforts looking this naff.

EDIT: Ah. Allow me to bring you back down to Earth with a bump. Codemasters has told Eurogamer that despite GFI’s plans to release the game for both PC and Xbox 360, they do not have plans to release the games outside of Russia and the CIS territitories. Here’s a picture of the CIS territories. Do you live there? Didn’t think so. Perhaps if GFI knock the game out of the park, Codemasters will look at bringing the game to the rest of the globe. The original news story follows.

News! News! Here is the news. Russian developer/publisher GFI, who had a hand in the creation of The Precursors, Boiling Point, White Gold (the sequel to Boiling Point) and about a thousand pieces of shovelware nonsense has announced the development of another sequel to classic 90s PC game Cannon Fodder, in collaboration with Codemasters. Would you like to see the image and press release? Alright, soldier, you’ll find it all below. Double-time it!
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