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Deep Rock Galactic roadmap lays out a smashing year of mining

As is Dwarven tradition, the intersteller halflings at Deep Rock Galactic just won't stop digging. Alien bugs or no, there's gold down there - so grab a shovel and get in the hole. This week, developers Ghost Ship Games revealed their plans for the next few months of mining n' shooting, bringing new biomes, classes, jobs and objectives to the beardiest blokes in deep space.

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Feature: “And my pick!”

Deep Rock Galactic review

I have seven seconds to bypass twenty feet of sheer rock face to reach a subterranean escape pod before it propels itself back up through the planet’s surface, leaving my dwarven engineer trapped in a network of dark tunnels teeming with screeching alien insects. After a seeming eternity of desperate scrambling, I’ve made it to the cavern containing the escape pod, my heart sinking as…

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Deep Rock Galactic emerges from early access in May

After quite a good run in Early Access, Deep Rock Galactic is emerging from the depths in just a couple weeks. The co-op dwarf FPS will move to version 1.0 on May 13th with new tunes, ranks, and quality of life improvements. If you've already been playing in Early Access, you can try out the release candidate by opting in to the experimental branch through…

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Deep Rock Galactic’s endgame update adds raids, improves beards

Those dang Dwarves, they've only gone and dug too deep again. Ghost Ship Games' intergalactic halflings have been steadily mining out treasure and blasting aliens for a solid year and a half now, but it looks like the endgame is upon them. Deep Rock Galactic has expanded once again, bringing new kit, new combs, and a tough new game mode for hardened miners. What do…

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Deep Rock Galactic celebrates a year of mining with a free weekend

Co-op space dwarf sim shooter Deep Rock Galactic is free to try out for the weekend, celebrating an eventful full year in early access. Ghost Ship Games have poured a lot of love and effort into this odd blend of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, adding a new introductory campaign, improving single-player and adding scads of new caverns, monsters and guns since its debut. It's…

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Deep Rock Galactic unleashes new space-horrors from below

It's been a while since I've taken a peek at Deep Rock Galactic, a compelling blend of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead starring a gang of surly space-dwarves. I was starting to worry that like so many early access multiplayer games, it had fizzled out - I'm happy Ghost Ship Games have proven me wrong. Today's update brings a new top-tier difficulty setting and some…

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Deep Rock Galactic adds hard combat and floppy beards

Despite only debuting a few months ago, it feels like forever since I've played any of Ghost Ship Games' co-op space-dwarf mine n' shooter Deep Rock Galactic. While I've been absent, the developers certainly haven't, as its 14th major update just rolled out. Jokingly named Feature Creep, this new version adds new environment variety, enemy types, gameplay features and - most importantly - accurately modelled beard…

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Feature: Mining the light fantastic

How Deep Rock Galactic mines fun from absolute darkness

This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they underwent to make the best bits of their games. This time, Deep Rock Galactic [official site].The moment Deep Rock Galactic took my imagination was when I saw its dwarf miners throwing flares into the inky blackness of a cave in its E3 trailer. Few games do darkness, and here was…

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Dwarf ’em up Deep Rock Galactic digs into early access

Someone brought up an interesting point in the comments the last time we posted about Deep Rock Galactic: given the lack of any reference points, how do we know these space dwarves are actually dwarves? They could be towering monstrosities that make us humans look like dormice. But then, what does it actually mean to be a dwarf? Rather than being a matter of size,…

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Space-Dwarf sim Deep Rock Galactic launches February

Whether deep under-mountain or out in the void of space, Dwarves are one of the most stable of fantasy archetypes. They love their drink, they love their gems, and when given the chance they'll always dig too greedily and too deep. You'll get to do all of this in upcoming co-op shooter/mining expedition Deep Rock Galactic, which looks to blend Minecraft-ish spelunking with Left 4…

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