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Jumbled Sales: Why Pre-Owned Is In Gamers’ Interests


On Friday, posted an article by THQ boxwallah and industry veteran, Richard Browne, in which he argued that pre-owned game sales were the cause of pretty much every major failing present in the current games industry. From homogenisation to high budgets to weak multiplayer, it’s all your fault because you traded in your copy of Homefront. I perhaps didn’t quite agree with everything he said, and after calmly battering down the doors of GI’s HQ, wrote a response piece.

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Who Killed Videogaming Tax Relief?

This is my mature approach.

Yesterday afternoon a bold story appeared on Develop’s site, stating that there was far more to the abandoning of videogame tax relief in this week’s UK budget. It was not, they say, a case of the treasury overturning the decision, but rather the influence of an unnamed “global publisher” who “sabotaged [the] UK games tax break.” Obviously this story has received quite a lot of attention, especially with people guessing who this major publisher might be. But major industry figures give the impression that it might be no publisher at all.

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