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Thieves And Cowboys: Local Multiplayer Shoot-o-Bluffs


One needs real guile to pretend to be as stupid as a background NPC. Can you mill about seemingly at random while still accomplishing goals? Can you fool someone else trying to catch you at? You may think I’m asking about Spy Party but no, I’m thinking of other new-ish games floating around at the moment. Both are competitive local multiplayer games where all players are pretending to be NPCs while trying to sniff out and murder the others. Contact Cowboy is a free two-player same-keyboard game, while Thief Town is paid but more elaborate. I’ll explain.

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Noir Syndrome Is A Procedurally Generated Murder Mystery

But, I mean, will the mob really miss $52?

Traditional media – film, television, and even other games – assert that murder mysteries must be these masterfully interwoven tapestries of intrigue and everything after. Perfectly placed breadcrumb trails. Curtains that pull back and slam shut at precise moments, leaving just enough to the imagination. That is why I find Noir Syndrome utterly fascinating. It hopes to procedurally generate its murder mysteries, in essence whipping up new ones on the fly without the aid of some crime-obsessed mastermind. Gameplay, meanwhile, appears to be rather sandbox-y, allowing you to sleuth and slaughter in equal measure if you so please. Vidyatron below.

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