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Blizzard vs Glider: The Result

You may remember that, some months ago, there was a legal barney between the WoW creators and the bloke behind Glider, a bot application he sold for a few quid to people who couldn’t be arsed to grind/gold farmers/no-handed folk/delete as applicable. We did a silly little vote on the thing, but clearly the real decision was in the hands of some judge who doesn’t play MMOs. Short answer: Blizzard wins round one.

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Democracy Inaction: Blizzard vs Bots

The people vs Larry Quel'thalas

What people surely love the most about RPS is not our lengthy cleverthinks, wibbling retrospectives, bewildering references to bear-based religions, or refreshingly honest buy/don’t buy game verdicts, but rather the way we sometimes read a news story, then write about that news story in our own words. It’s journalism at its most pioneering. So, to make you respect us all the more, let’s have an experiment. Yes, voting! Ooh, it’s like the internet circa 1999.

Still, it’s a spot of moral deliberation that could only apply to videogames.
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