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Grim, Gruesome And Grotesque: 2Dark Could Be A Stealth-Horror Triumph

2Dark [official site], the new stealth horror game from the creator of the original Alone in the Dark, is a grim, gruesome and thoroughly unpleasant affair. The story begins in flashback – a family on a camping trip meet with violence and death, the children abducted, their mother murdered, and the father set on a path of grief, hard liquor and eventual blood-soaked revenge. From there on in, you’re hunting serial killers in a top-down stealth-horror game that looks as smart as it is sinister.

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Alone In The Dark Creator’s Stealth Horror: 2Dark

2Dark [official site] looks like something that might emerge from the Ice-Pick Lodge. It’s a top-down stealth game in which you infiltrate the lairs of serial killers, attempting to rescue the children that they’ve kidnapped. Cheery stuff. Judging by the first trailer, below, sound is the central mechanic. Noises in the darkness are marked on-screen visually so that you can track their movement and direction. Most of the sounds appear to be variants of sobbing and muffled screams. Like I said – cheery stuff. Somehow, the super deformed art style just makes the whole thing even more creepy to my eyes.

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Alone In The… Survival Horror 2Dark


Children rarely know when to shut up, even when it’s for their own good. I remember a sibling ‘whispering’ “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BOMB?” while our vaguely Irish-ish family’s car was searched by customs at Dover port in the early ’90s, the week after an IRA bombing. Shut up, children.

2Dark has children who should be quiet too. It’s a survival horror lead by Frederick Raynal, a designer on seminal survival horror Alone in the Dark, about rescuing children from serial killers’ lairs and leading them out safely. Luckily, here you can give them a good shushing. It’s having a crack at crowdfunding.

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