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Gloria Victis Is A Highly Ambitious Low Fantasy MMO

I want to run inside and get out of this rain, but my armor has rusted to the point of immobility. Send help.

Gloria Victis is an MMO that initially reminded me a bit of The Witcher, and then I read that some of its developers helped make The Witcher. “Ooooooooh,” I replied eloquently. The general vibe, especially, gives me flashbacks to Geralt’s particular brand of gallivanting (or Geraltivanting for short), with a fantasy setting where everything… well, it just sucks. No knights in shining armor, no one-man-army mega heroes, no mighty spells or gear sets that look like they emerged from the great costume glitter explosion of 1927. That’s certainly not a bad thing, though. I mean, there’s a reason “realistic” fantasy is all the rage right now. It’s a focus that bleeds into the game’s skill-based combat as well, with things like weather conditions even coming into play. Sounds like quite the thing, huh? Check out some gameplay footage after the break.

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