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Gobliiiins Demoooo

Lovers of mid-90s point and click adventures that were rather more far flung from Lucasarts’ safe frontiers may be interested/delighted/appalled to hear that Gobliiins 4, a new sequel to Coktel’s olden comedy puzzlers, is now doing the rounds. The use x on x/room escape formula remains roughly the same, and the three inept lead characters from the original Gobliiins also return (though I always preferred Gobliins 2’s warring pair). And there is also a demo. Yes, a demo!
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A Surprising Sequel: Gobliiins 4

Lately, I’ve been doing something I usually avoid at all costs – remembering my past. I don’t think I could endure the mocking if I revealed the dreadful bands I’ve been listening to in an attempt to understand whatever it was that dumb, teenage me once saw in them, but what I will be talking about over the coming weeks is a few of the games I grew up with. I’ve just spent today with Sid Meier’s Colonization, for instance, a retrospective of which I’ll post soon (short answer: best Good Friday ever). One I’m genuinely very worried about revisiting, however, is the Gobliiins series. Which, some fourteen years on from the last game, it turns out there’s an upcoming fourth instalment of.
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