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RedBedlam Boss Says Gold Farming “Inevitable”

The boss of virtual world tech company RedBedlam, Kerry Fraser-Robinson, has said that companies must find a way to bring virtual currency trading into their games. The must, he argued, accept that virtual currency trading will take place in games that have an economy. "Trying to stop that happening is literally like telling the tide not to come in - you will fail."The comments were…

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Present At The Birth

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (affectionately referred to as an 'expandalone' by Relic, its developers) has gone gold. I'll let its producer, Shane Neville, express his feelings about this:I think that means he's happy. Kieron and I have getting on for 20 years of games journalism experience between us, but neither of us have ever been in the presence of a developer at the moment…

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