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BioShock 3 Announced, Sort Of

Who cares whether BioShock 2 will be any good without Levine at the helm, BioShock 3 has been announced! Gamespot spoke to Take-Two's chairman, Strauss Zelnick, who suggested that the third game in the series would be released to coincide with Gore Verbinki's film of the original story. This came about when asked if the next game and movie would align. He said, "It's unlikely…

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Bioshock: the Movie

Oh yes - Rapture for real will be quite the sight to behold. Oh no - It's to be directed and produced by Gore 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Verbinski. Well, the first film was loads of fun, but even discounting those sequels, high seas hi-jinks seems an unusual pedigree for undersea rumination upon the nature of man. But hey, both have water and zombies.

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Gore Verbinski: Not Useless After All

Though the internet gave the director of the increasingly turgid Pirates of the Caribbean movies a gentle roasting for his infamous "You must possess some madness" advice to gamingdom, it rather seems as though he's thinking along potentially exciting lines for his own flashing pixel endeavour. (Pirates of the Carribbean Online, pictured above, is not it. But hey, you make your bed, you lie in…

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“Time For Madness” reports that Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has told developers at the DICE summit in Las Vegas that "This is the time for madness." The wealthier-than-thou mastermind behind the Pirates series has decided that games aren't being crazy enough with the creative juices. (Tell that to ACE...) "I understand why companies are making sequels. But if a developer is making a game…

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