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Have You Played… Tricky Truck?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time

In a perfect world this $10 masterpiece would be an easter egg embedded deep within the SCS truck sims. Ignore the fatigue-induced yawns and eyelid flickers in ATS or ETS2 for long enough and eventually your Scania or Kenworth would dissolve and be replaced by a crude blue crate-laden HGV. All of a sudden you’d find yourself hurtling down a ski-jump surrounded by giant bouncing spheres, or creeping along a winding mountain track bordered by shards of shatterable PCB.

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A Funny Old Game: Goofball Goals

Two players are crumpled on top of each other on the ground, struggling to get up. Another has fallen on their back and is alternately folding and stretching their limbs. Most of the rest of the team have crashed through a wall near the side of the pitch, covering the ball in rubble and rounded flesh. It’s just another match day for Manchester United.

Sickburn! It’s actually (or also…) Goofball Goals, a knockabout football game with comically inept, physics-animated players from the maker of tipsy-shoving fighting game Sumotori Dreams. There’s a demo to download and a short video I took below.

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