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Valve On Steam Greenlight’s Failings, Fixing Them

Over the weekend, I attended Fantastic Arcade, an indie-focused gaming show in Austin, Texas. It was – as is often the case with these things – full of passion, creativity, and the guy who played that one kid in Dazed and Confused. You’ll be hearing tons more about it soon. First, though, we’ll look at what was perhaps the most incongruous moment of the event: a Valve panel. Steam Greenlight, of course, has had some pretty serious ups and downs¬†since launching, and this panel gave the very people who are fighting to set up shop on the ubiquitous storefront a chance to voice their complaints directly. Here’s how it all went down. ¬†

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The Flare Path: Twitchers and Switchers

It’s always interesting watching a new sim peck its way into the light. This week’s eager egg exiter was Run 8, an indie railroad recreation short on variety but long on verisimilitude. Would the intensely tribal train sim community welcome the hatchling or nudge it from the nest? Installed in the Flare Path hide, a Nikon fieldscope and copy of Bill Oddie’s Bumper Book of Avian Metaphors at my side, I set about finding out. Read the rest of this entry »