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The Doctors Are Out: Zeschuk and Muzyka Leave BioWare

It is Tuesday. You probably ate some cereal, went to work, and pretended to use the Force to open the automatic door at the grocery store – just like any other day. BioWare, meanwhile, ended an era. Specifically, Doctors Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka – the role-playing powerhouse’s co-founders – have left the building. Now then, I will briefly interrupt this message to read your mind. “Kickstarter, Kickstarter? Kickstarter! Kickstarterererer.” Congratulations, you’re thinking the same thing as everyone else on Earth. Unfortunately, based on their goodbye letters, the doctors seem to not only be done with BioWare, but videogames in general.

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Develop 10: Zeschuk On How Bioware “Do It”

The day’s first Keynote is from Bioware, with Dr Greg Zeschuk is flying solo, as Ray is up to day 5 in the world series poker. I’ve just arrived in Brighton to find myself staring at the title: “Creative Game Development: How We Do It At Bioware”. And I’m sniggering to myself like an nine-year old, because I’m wondering whether it’s going to be a guide of how they “do it” at Bioware. Tell me about the romance options, Dr Greg!

Alas, the reality is a little more prosaic.
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