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Feature: Bit of a drag

Impressions: Dragon Fin Soup

The story for desperately poor role-playing game Dragon Fin Soup eventually stumbles into view a couple of hours or so in. When it arrives, it turns out it’s about having no bloody memory and your bloody family you can’t remember is probably involved with some bloody thing and there’s this bloody enemy who wants to get you. Grief.Unfortunately, what at first glance appears to be…

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Cheerydark Roguelikelike Dragon Fin Soup Out Today

Do you like roguelikelikes? Would you, say, be interested in a turn-based action-RPG with a kooky take on fairytales? I'm not overly enamoured with zaniness e.g. Snow White as a cussin' redneck bar owner but hey, Dragon Fin Soup [official site] in general does look fairly solid. After netting almost five times their goal on Kickstarter last year, developers Grimm Bros. are releasing the game…

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Likeable Roguelike-like: See 24 Minutes Of Dragon Fin Soup

Roguelike-like RPG Dragon Fin Soup first caught our collective composite eye last month, when all we had to judge it by was a short trailer, a few screenshots, and some words from the developers about how cool they think their game is. Oh, what wide-eyed innocents we were! How trusting! How naive! How... actually quite pleasant the game does actually look in a new 24-minute…

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Fairy Tale Tactics: Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup's trailer plays out as if it's running to a strict time limit. There's a brief introduction to the world, via the medium of lovely painterly stills, and then we're straight into isometric tactical combat. All the while, text jumps up on the screen, telling us who made the game and why, while mining, crafting and fishing are mentioned in passing. Toward the…

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