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Posts tagged “grinding”

Grind-o! Japanese RPG Disgaea Coming To PC In 2016

Someone, somewhere, has been keeping JRPGs in a cage in the woods. Perhaps the jailor died, or perhaps the JRPGs rose up and killed them, as now a steady trickle of them are emerging from the trees emaciated, bloodied and gasping, calling out for new players. 2003's Disgaea [official site] is the latest coming our way, another grindomatic tactical RPG. The series may be up…

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Whose Orc Is It Anyway?

Confused. Trying to play two MMOs at once really divides a man's loyalties, not to mention totally messes with his ability to memorise hotkeys. My muscle memory is going haywire, tapping controls that do nothing or inadvertantly cause the usage of some precious potion I'd been saving for an emergency.I'll have to be brief about both MMOs, as one I'm under NDA for, the other…

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