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Feature: More monsters to slay.

Monster Hunter: World PC Iceborne details, Behemoth PC release date, free updates

Having just wrapped up their live stream just moments ago, there's been some exciting updates announced for Monster Hunter: World. While the console versions will be getting a large number of the free updates first, they have been confirmed as coming at a later date to the PC version. All of this will drop at some point in the coming year, before the main new…

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Feature: Ready to learn, rookie?

Monster Hunter: World guide: monster hunting basics, combat tips

Since Monster Hunter: World's PC version was released, we've seen a steady string of updates and events to keep players coming back from new monsters to collaboration events. Even after a short time away from the game, it can be rather diffucult to just leap back in for a new side quest or monster fight. So in order to level the skill gap between dedicated…

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Feature: Solid state of the art

Best gaming SSD 2018: Top SATA and NVMe drives for your PC

Games are getting bigger and bigger these days, what with the many pixels and the updates and the patches and whatnot, so finding the best gaming SSD for your PC is absolutely vital if you don't want to go through the faff of re-installing everything all the time. As my late grandma used to say, you can never have enough storage in your trusty gaming…

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Feature: Alright everyone, chill!

Monster Hunter: World Legiana: how to kill it, what is its weakness

We go from one dragon-like monster to another one in our Monster Hunter: World guides, as our hero's journey back to the Rotten Vale is impeded by a roaming Legiana getting in the way of your flight path. This chilly customer is a master of all things ice, able to reduce your stamina recovery and leave you vulnerable to its fast swoops. As easily the hardest monster…

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Feature: Clever girl...

Monster Hunter: World Rathian: how to kill it, what is its weakness

A lot of the larger monsters in Monster Hunter: World are required to have been hunted to complete the main story, but there's a few that are optional fights. One of these just so happens to be a Rathian, which can be a nuisance to early-game hunts in the Ancient Forest or Wildspire Waste, but is worth going after to prepare for a later fight, as well…

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Feature: Rolling around at the speed of sound.

Monster Hunter: World Radobaan: how to kill it, what is its weakness

Your first venture into Monster Hunter: World's Rotten Vale is fraught with danger. No sooner than you arrive that you find not one, but two large monsters. The one you'll be fighting though is the more intimidating of the two. Radobaan is a hulking pile of bones that can roll around with careless abandon for your safety. That said, it's only got a couple of tricks…

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Feature: Time to make myself look big.

Monster Hunter: World Paolumu: how to kill it, what is its weakness

Very few monsters in Monster Hunter: World could ever be described as "cute". In fact, I wouldn't even describe the bloated puffball known as Paolumu as such. It's a deceptively challenging fight too as this is a flying creature capable of some rather hard-hitting attacks if you're not careful. This guide will go over what how to kill it, what its weakness is, and what to watch…

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Feature: Flash, Ahhh!

Monster Hunter: World Tzitzi-Ya-Ku: how to kill it, what’s it’s weakness

Upon arriving in the third main location of Monster Hunter: World, you'll likely be dazzled at just how different it is compared to the forests and deserts that came before it. This is all before you encounter the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, the first larger monster you'll see along the way to building a new camp. Well, larger may be over exaggerating a bit as it's by far the…

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Feature: To catch a giant.

Monster Hunter: World first encounter with Zorah Magdaros: how to survive

Upon defeating a massive T-Rex in Monster Hunter: World, the hunters are finally ready to try and capture the main big Elder Dragon - Zorah Magdaros. A plan was put into place where the hunters will initially try to stun it by using cannons and ballistae, before ensnaring it. Unlike the other encounters you have had so far, this is more of an elaborate boss…

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Feature: Walking with dinosaurs.

Monster Hunter: World Anjanath: what is its weakness and how to kill it

There comes a point in Monster Hunter: World where you'll start to want to bring in other players to defeat monsters as a group, rather than try to kill them on your own. For some, this point will be the Anjanath - a T-Rex with a big snout. While it is entirely possible to defeat this dinosaur without friends, the first time may be a bit…

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Feature: Danger, danger, high voltage.

Monster Hunter: World Tobi-Kadachi: what is its weakness and how to kill it

Monsters in the beginning of Monster Hunter: World tend to be rather slow moving, but the Tobi-Kadachi is the first agile monster you'll likely come across. It has some rather shocking attacks that can easily rip unprepared hunters to shreds. It's also the first monster where weapon types and elemental resistances become a deciding factor into what you bring to a hunt. This guide will go over…

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Feature: Aquatic ruin

Monster Hunter: World Jyuratodus: what is its weakness and how to kill it

All of the large enemies seen thus far in Monster Hunter: World have been land-walking or flying monstrosities. Jyuratodus is your first aquatic monster, though technically it is able to walk on land as well. In fact, it's only one of two that use liquid-terrain as a form of getting around. It is another creature that can use mud to change its weaknesses, so this guide…

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Feature: Solid as a rock.

Monster Hunter: World Barroth: what is its weakness and how to kill it

So you've made it to the Wildspire Wastes in Monster Hunter: World, and your first mission drastically changes tempo from an escort mission to a hunt of this hard-headed brute of a monster. The Barroth is full of nasty surprises, hard-hitting attacks, and a rather unique status condition that it can inflict on you. While not particularly tough, it can be a bit more nimble than…

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Feature: A lethal dose.

Monster Hunter: World Pukei-Pukei: what is its weakness and how to kill it

Early on in Monster Hunter: World, you will come across a flying monster that has a few nasty, poisonous surprises. This highly aggressive creature can cause all sorts of problems if you're unprepared for what it can dish out, with one attack in particular only really happening once in a blue moon. This guide will therefore go over its weakness, how to kill it, and…

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Feature: Big bird's gone feral

Monster Hunter: World Kulu-Ya-Ku: what is its weakness and how to kill it

Each of the large monsters in Monster Hunter: World come in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes. Few are weirder than this mischievous dodo-like creature known as the Kulu-Ya-Ku. It's a little bit faster than the other big monster you'll have encountered thus far. This guide will detail what its weaknesses is, how to kill it, and what to do when it picks up…

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Feature: That's one big gecko

Monster Hunter: World Great Jagras: how to kill it, what is its weakness

The Great Jagras is the first big monster you'll come across when playing Monster Hunter: World. It's by far the simplest one to take down as its attacks are easily telegraphed, but nonetheless there's some things you should probably know about it before fighting it. It also makes for a great training tool for newer players looking to sharpen their combat prowess. This guide will…

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Feature: A recipe for success

Monster Hunter: World crafting: the best items to craft

Weapons and armour are definitely vital in bringing down a target in Monster Hunter: World, but you'll also need to use items to heal, improve your maximum stats, or buff yourself. Crafting can be done in both the hub and on-the-go, provided you have the items in your pack. This is especially important as some of the later monsters can deal a hefty amount of…

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Feature: Say hello to my feline friend

Monster Hunter: World Palicos: all the Grimalkyne locations, how to upgrade Palico

Let's face it, Monster Hunter: World's Palico are adorable little furry sidekicks that are significantly superior to regular cats. They follow you into every single hunt, desperately trying to keep up as fast as their little legs can carry them, and usually eating attacks for their trouble. Their use is rather limited initially, but the skills and equipment you can equip them with can make…

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Feature: Bon Appetit

Monster Hunter: World cooking: the best food to eat before a hunt

Some say that key to a hunter's success in Monster Hunter: World is what's in their stomach. The truth is that there are a lot of different factors to succeeding in your hunt, but the one that's most easy to forget is to eat before heading off. You could just go for any old dish and be done with it, but there are better choices to…

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Feature: Not your typical permaculture

Monster Hunter: World botanical research: what to cultivate, how research points help your stuff grow

Resources can be found throughout the wilderness of Monster Hunter: World, but there are some items can be made back in Astera while you're out on a hunt. It's a convenient way to ensure that you can get plenty more of the most valuable ingredients, such as honey to create a large number better healing items. In this guide, we'll be going over how to…

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