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Feature: Cybernetics, ancient knowledge, and aerial warfare

Phoenix Point DLC & Roadmap – Blood and Titanium, Legacy of the Ancients, and Festering Skies explored

Phoenix Point DLC will be an exciting prospect for many, whether you love the game already or think (as many players do) that improvements are needed before it can realise its full potential. Our Phoenix Point DLC guide will explore Snapshot Games's roadmap for this ambitious turn-based tactics game over the next year, with details on the first three major expansions: Blood and Titanium, Legacy…

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Feature: She's a beauty!

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries mechs guide

With so many Mechs in MechWarrior 5, it can be daunting for new players to know which ones are the best to take and which are the best to sell. The four different weight classes have their own play styles based on their armour, weapon variety, and speed. Some Mechs are also just flat out better or worse than others, so it's worth knowing in…

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Feature: Getting back in the saddle.

MechWarrior 5 guide – 25 tips that beginners need to know

It's been 20 years since the last MechWarrior game hit store shelves. So much has changed since that time. We now primarily use WSAD keys to move in shooters, while USB powered control pads have become more commonplace than joysticks. It's very likely then that you'll either be coming back to MechWarrior after years away from the series, or are discovering it for the first…

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Feature: Because the in-game tutorial leaves you with more questions than answers

Phoenix Point guide – 20 tips for new players and XCOM veterans alike

Phoenix Point has arrived at last! From Julian Gollop, creator of the original X-COM, comes a new turn-based tactics game which tasks players with reviving the defunct Phoenix Project to save humanity after the emergence of a deadly alien virus that mutates human and animal alike to wipe out all of humankind. Gripping stuff, and also very challenging - which should come as no surprise…

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Feature: Peace was never an option

Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy – Missions, Raids, Trade, and War explained

The three Phoenix Point Factions dominate the remains of human civilization after the emergence of the deadly mutant-birthing Pandoravirus; and how you govern your interactions with each of them is entirely up to you. Our Phoenix Point Factions & Diplomacy guide will give you an idea of how diplomacy works in Phoenix Point, along with useful details on the three main factions in the game:…

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Feature: Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Berserker

Phoenix Point Classes – the best Soldier Classes and multi-class combinations to use

Phoenix Point classes soldiers into seven distinct groups, giving players a surprising amount of scope for customising your armies and your overall playstyle during tactical missions. From the initial three soldier classes to the unique specialists acquired through the three different factions, our Phoenix Point Classes guide will walk you through the abilities, skills, strengths, and weaknesses of each one - along with some useful tips…

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Feature: How to counter even the most overpowered Phoenix Point enemies

Phoenix Point enemies – how to deal with the Siren, Chiron, Scylla, and more

The Phoenix Point enemies are a colourful bunch of mutants. Each one is a patchwork of arthropod, annelid, human, and alien DNA all rolled into one by the Pandoravirus; and each enemy has different strengths and presents different threats - some far more than others. In this Phoenix Point enemies guide we'll walk you through each Pandoran enemy in turn, along with detailed sections on…

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Feature: Scarabs to the left of me, Mutogs to the right

Phoenix Point Vehicles & Aircraft – which faction has the best vehicles?

Vehicles and Aircraft are your greatest weapons in Phoenix Point. They are your transport, your artillery, and your speedy getaway all rolled into one. But with each faction offering up their own unique airship and land vehicle to compete with the Phoenix Project's own starting Scarab and Manticore, it can be a challenge to know exactly which vehicles are the best choice. Our Phoenix Point…

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TFT 9.24 patch notes – upcoming changes

It's been a while since the big TFT purge, but we've seen some interesting developments with the meta - mostly the dominance of a particular hyper-roll build. The next patch should be arriving within the next day or so, and there are hints that this patch will address the balance by nerfing key champions of the "Eggroll comp". Here are some things potentially coming in…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been out for a little while now and is the latest in Ubisoft's open-world military shooters. This time around you'll be facing off against an enemy with technology more advanced than your own, complete with big hulking metal automated tanks and radar scrambling technology to disorientate you. With these Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips, they should help you get started with the liberation effort,…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids – raid boss guides, how to enter the raid

Raids have arrived to Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it's evident that they're proving to be a bit of a challenge to those jumping in for the first time. These are four-player missions where cooperation is key to overcoming the challenges ahead. The first raid is called "Project Titan" and will challenge players to fight big drones, so they'll need to have the best gear they can…

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Feature: Don't let the lasers get to 100%

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Alpha raid boss guide

The first raid boss in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Baal - a big tank that can instantly kill you if you're not careful. Not only that, but constant reinforcements will descend upon your team to try and wipe you out. It can be a difficult boss battle if you don't know what to do, but our Baal raid boss guide will give you the tips and tricks…

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Feature: Avert your eyes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Zeta raid boss guide

This is it, the final raid boss in the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid. This fight is technically three in one, as Cerberus has three individual drones, all joined together with a neural link. What's worse, each one has its own unique attacks, smaller drones will regularly distract you, and one of them even has a flashbang to blind your team temporarily. This is yet another…

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Feature: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Omega raid boss guide

The third raid boss in the Project Titan raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that we'll be talking about is Titan Omega - otherwise known as Gargoyle. This flying drone is kinda large, but the main issue is the arena itself. Lasers will dart across the battlefield at varying heights, meaning that you need to climb some ledges or duck under the lasers as they pass. Worse…

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Feature: I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Beta raid boss guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's second raid boss is a tricky one to handle without communicating with your teammates. In fact, you'll need a headset to even stand a chance, since you'll either be relaying instructions to your teammates or confirming when you've pressed your node button. Failure to work as a team will result in you suffocating due to poison gas, so it's imperative that you…

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Feature: All your base are belong to the Phoenix Project

Phoenix Point Base Management – what are the best buildings to construct in Phoenix bases?

Phoenix Point is just one of many Phoenix Project bases that you'll bring back online over the course of your campaign to save humanity from the mutant-birthing Pandoravirus. And each of these bases must be carefully maintained and structured in order to give you the best chances of success. Our Phoenix Point Base Management guide will walk you through how base-building works in Phoenix Point,…

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Feature: Parvati is clearly Kaylee from Firefly and I'm totally okay with this

The Outer Worlds Companions guide – where to find them and how to unlock companion quest perks

What's a holiday to The Outer Worlds without Companions to share the journey with? Obsidian's latest open-world(s) RPG provides you with six different Companions to bring aboard your ship, the Unreliable, and help you in the quests and battles you'll face time after time throughout your journeys. Each Companion has different personalities, skillsets, side quests, and combat powers - and our The Outer Worlds Companions…

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TFT best set 2 comps [9.23]

The right TFT comps can rise up and dominate your opponents, but there's one comp that's dominating the meta at the moment. The "Eggroll" comp is a rather easy comp to build and can be difficult to stop, but there has also a counter build if too many people are competing for the champions needed for Eggroll. We've also got a few other comps to…

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Feature: Let your aim be swift and true

Phoenix Point Free Aim and Part Damage guide – how to use the Free Aiming system for more precise shots

Ranged combat in Phoenix Point utilises several innovative overlapping systems to give players an unprecedented amount of control and flexibility in games such as this. This Phoenix Point guide will cover two particularly important aspects of ranged combat: body part damage, and the Free Aim system. An understanding of both these systems is essential to getting the most value out of every single shot -…

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Feature: Phoenix Point NEEDS YOU

How to recruit new soldiers in Phoenix Point – a guide to expanding your army

Phoenix Point puts you in charge of the near-defunct Phoenix Project - an organisation meant to kickstart the recuperation of mankind after the emergence of the deadly Pandoravirus. But to do that, you'll need recruits - and the game really doesn't explain the recruitment process all that well. But hopefully this quick guide will explain to all the newer players how to recruit new soldiers…

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