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Feature: The answers to all your questions on a single screen

Dota Underlords heroes – Dota Underlords cheat sheet of best heroes

Much like Dota itself, the roster of Dota Underlords heroes is sublimely complex. Do you pick heroes based on their potential alliances, or their high DPS, or their excellent abilities? How should you alter your build based on the heroes you do pick? At what stage of a match does a hero excel or fall off? All these questions are answered below in our Dota…

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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 changes

The first big update to Teamfight Tactics has now been released and it does introduce some rather drastic changes: A new champion, the introduction of ranked mode, UI updates, and the overhaul of how attack speed item buffs work. There's a lot to cover, so below is the full patch notes complete with navigation links.

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Teamfight Tactics guide

Teamfight Tactics, or TFT for short, has been all the rage over the past few weeks or so and the latest update introduced a new champion, many tweaks to existing ones, and updates to the user interface that make it a lot easier to play. There's a lot to cover to get you up to speed so let's get started with how to actually play…

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Teamfight Tactics – how to play TFT

If you're a little new to Teamfight Tactics, TFT for short, then you may be a little confused as to how players are accumulating gold, and what all the different pieces of the user interface actually mean. It's gone through a few changes in a recent patch and there are some very useful tools that you'd probably not be aware of.

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Feature: Getting your money's worth

Dota Underlords gold guide – tips on how to make gold quickly

Learning about gold in Dota Underlords is integral to success. It seeps through all the other interlocked lattices of complexity in the game like a chocolate sauce through the layers of a crushed viennetta; and you'll need to understand all about how to create a bangin' economy if you're to have any hope of keeping pace with your opponents. Fortunately, this Dota Underlords gold guide…

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Feature: Time for a refresher (orb)

Dota Underlords items list – best items for early-game and late-game

Dota Underlords goes big on basically everything it does, with 60 different heroes, 23 different alliances - and 68 different items to help your army triumph over your seven opponents. Whether they're equippable items that bestow great benefits upon a single hero, or Global items that offer an army-wide passive buff, you need to have a working knowledge of the best items you can procure…

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Feature: Pay attention to your Global Items, people!

Dota Underlords alliances tier list – the best alliances to build around

As if the 60 heroes weren't already enough, there are currently 23 different alliances in Dota Underlords, each with between 1 and 3 stages of power which you can use to augment your autobattling army. But it's not as simple as picking one or two alliances at the start of a match and collecting as many heroes of that type as possible; you have to…

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Feature: Hell on earth

Doom Eternal release date, Battlemode, trailers

With Quakecon just around the corner, we can expect more information about Doom Eternal. In particular, there should be some more about what exactly Battlemode is and whatever happened to that "invading other players games" thing that seemed to be absent in the recent footage at Bethesda's E3 2019. Below then is everything we know going into it, from the multiple trailers to the all-important…

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Feature: The Battle Royale of Battle Royales

Games like Fortnite – 8 best battle royale games you can play right now

Fortnite: Battle Royale is, so far, the pinnacle of the decade-old battle royale game genre. It's no understatement to say that we haven't seen a game enter the mainstream in this way since Minecraft - but it's not the only battle royale out there, and the genre has never before seen such quantity nor such quality. We'll go over a handful of our favourite battle…

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Feature: A guide for those who don't know what the hell is going on

Dota Underlords strategy guide – tips and explanations for beginners

Dota Underlords may have simplified heroes and simplified systems compared with its perplexing, ponderous progenitor Dota 2, but Dota 2 never had over 100 heroes battling each other simultaneously. Yes, in case it's not clear from that pesky "Dota" prefix, Dota Underlords is a tremendously complex game - but it's also an extremely fun one. So we've put together the below Dota Underlords strategy guide,…

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Feature: Must construct additional Pylons

Apex Legends Wattson guide (Season 2): Wattson tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Season 2 has arrived, and leading the charge is Wattson - the newest Apex Legends character and possibly the most defence- and support-focused Legend we've seen so far. We'll break it all down in this here Apex Legends Wattson guide, with in-depth explanations and tips on her abilities, hitbox, playstyle, and much more.

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Feature: Let's play Bamboozle!

Apex Legends Mirage guide (Season 2): Mirage tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is perhaps the most satisfying Legend to play as when things go right. When you pull off that perfectly timed bamboozle or distraction with your holographic decoys... Man, it feels great. What's more, there's a fair amount more utility to Mirage's abilities than you might think, particularly now that Season 2 is out. Our Apex Legends…

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Feature: I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my buff

Apex Legends Caustic guide (Season 2) – abilities, hitbox, Caustic tips and tricks

Caustic, despite his premium status as one of just three characters in Apex Legends who must be unlocked through Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, was always one of the most underperforming Legends in the game thanks to his bulky hitbox. But now with the release of Season 2, Caustic is much tankier and deadlier than he ever used to be, and there's no better time…

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Feature: The Bullet Sponge is now even Spongier

Apex Legends Gibraltar guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Gibraltar tips and tricks

Gibraltar once was the subject of ridicule among the Apex Legends characters roster, thanks to his enormous hitbox, and despite his excellent and versatile array of abilities. But with the release of v1.1.1 and now Season 2, Gibraltar has received a substantial buff, and we're now likely to see a lot more of him in King's Canyon. Our Apex Legends Gibraltar guide will walk you…

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Feature: Lifeline + Ultimate Accelerants = Victory

Apex Legends Lifeline guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Lifeline tips and tricks

Among the Apex Legends characters roster, Lifeline is commonly (and rightly) thought of as the healer or support class; but despite this, she has absolutely no trouble dishing out as much damage to her foes as anyone. There are some excellent reasons to play as Lifeline beyond offering a helping hand to your teammates, and our Apex Legends Lifeline guide is the perfect place to…

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Feature: Strongest Avenger

Apex Legends Wraith guide (Season 2) – abilities, hitbox, Wraith tips and tricks

Since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has been considered by many the strongest all-round character in the game, and it looks like this will continue to be the case heading into Season 2. A high skill ceiling with abilities that can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively, and a hitbox so small it can often seem like she dances between your…

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Feature: Robot Tarzan

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide (Season 2): Pathfinder tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Pathfinder may not look all that swift, but prepare to be flummoxed, because he is in fact one of the most mobile Apex Legends characters out there. Pathfinder's abilities, particularly his Grappling Hook, are extremely mobility- and momentum-focused, and greatly reward players who look for unexpected angles and wide flanks during fights. As possibly the character with the highest skill ceiling in the game, it's…

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Feature: Fancy a smoke?

Apex Legends Bangalore guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Bangalore tips and tricks

Bangalore has always been right up there with Wraith, Lifeline, and Octane at the top of most players' Apex legends character tier lists, and it looks like that will continue to be the case heading into Season 2. She's highly mobile, easy to learn, difficult to deal with, and comes equipped with a variety of versatile tools to help her team gain the upper hand…

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Feature: The fastest legs in Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Octane guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 2 has arrived at last, and Octane, the high-speed daredevil released with Season 1, is no longer the newest Apex Legends character. But he's still a force to be reckoned with, able to run rings around other players and regenerate health passively over time. Our Apex Legends Octane guide will help you to better understand his abilities and the high- ahem, -octane playstyle you'll…

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