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Have You Played… Guild Of Dungeoneering?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.There are dungeon crawling games in which you control the heroes and there are dungeon crawling games in which you control the villains. Guild of Dungeoneering [official site] is positioned somewhere between those two posts - you're the good guys, delving deep to cleanse…

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Sketchy Adventures: Guild Of Dungeoneering

If you spent any portion of your childhood doodling dungeons onto graph paper then Guild of Dungeoneering [official site] screenshots probably make you go 'coo' and 'awwww' in the same way that most of the internet responds to pictures of a pug riding a tricycle. Released yesterday, GoD is a dungeon-crawler in which you control the dungeons rather than the invading heroes. Well, strictly speaking…

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Puny Heroes Locate Guild Of Dungeoneering Release Plans

The business of dungeon-delving isn't the easiest. Oh, sure, you might triumphantly emerge with sacks of loot, taut triceps and a shiny new sword, but you might also be returning short a limb or two. Some don't make it back at all. Not to mention that being underground all that time does terrible things to your skin.What you need is a union. Or perhaps a guild: a Guild of Dungeoneering.…

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Artificial Adventurers: Guild Of Dungeoneering

The freely available alpha for Guild of Dungeoneering feels a little like a concept in search of some content, which isn't necessarily a bad place to be at this stage in development. Each dungeon dive plays out like the kind of boardgame that would have me laying out tiles on my bedroom floor, forced to alter the rules of play whenever furniture or a wall…

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