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Posts tagged “GuoJun Pan”

Plankton Offers Up A Tiny Monochrome Electro-pet

Plankton [Steam page] is a kind of electronic pet I've spent the morning caring for while working this morning. It's actually the work of GuoJun Pan who I posted about earlier because I was looking into a different game (Flower Design). Rather than folding this into the same post I wanted to give it a moment in the spotlight of its own because it's so…

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Flower Design: Minimalist Flower Arranging

Today I was searching for games about gardening and then narrowed it down to flower arranging. I feel like that's an under-explored market and has the capacity for something restful and breathtakingly beautiful. Those searches are how I found Flower Design [ page], which is a project by Beijing-based (I think) creator, GuoJun Pan.

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