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Half-Life Wars

Older and more spiteful readers may immediately be thinking "but Meer already wrote about the RTS mod for Half-Life 2 months ago. Let's burn his house down and tell his mum that he's rubbish." It's true. I did. But! Stow those Molotovs, for I thought it well worth checking back in with HL2 Wars, what with the last version I squinted at being little more…

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Half-Life 2: The RTS

Really, saying Gordon Freeman toppled the Combine is like saying Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr won the war in the Pacific. Tibbets had the Enola Gay and the first Atomic bomb - Freeman had the HEV suit and the Gravity Gun. Of course he was going to win - but you can't discount the guys who fought hard to get him to the right place at…

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